Motorsports has always excited me – Aishwarya Pissay

We first met Aishwarya at MTM’13 (Motorcycle Travelers Meet) held at a farm on the outskirts of Tumkur and were amazed at her riding and entrepreneurial skills. Her choice of machine was the KTM 200 and later the Yamaha R15 V2.

Aishwarya on the Track in her R15

Starting to ride a very young age, Aishwarya had already managed to attempt many daring records including the Saddle Sore and Bum Burner (click to read about Saddle Sore & Bum Burner here). Both these attempts require many days of physical and mental preparation and is no small feat.

Practice sessions

Her passion for motorcycling brought her to the Apex Racing Academy for formal track training. Her talent soon got her many accolades and she became part of the Apex Racing Team. This year, Aishwarya is representing the team in the super stock and one make category and already has two wins in the Formula Junior Racing Series under her belt.

Aishwarya on the Podium

She is currently looking for support in terms of sponsorships which can help nurture her talent further and accelerate her growth at the National level. If you wish to support her, do visit this link on Ketto to place your contribution –

When asked about her thoughts, Aishwarya said, “If you want to win, stand up and fight.”

Aishwarya on the Podium

Moto Adda team wishes her many more wins at the national level and hope to see her enter the international circuit soon.

India & its Bikes

Update: Since writing this post, India has seen a slew of new bikes with bigger and more powerful engines. CBR 250, KTM Duke 200 and the Duke 390 have revolutionised the motorbiking scene in India. More on this in our next post.

Have been wanting to vent my frustration regarding this topic for long.

Don’t know if you have noticed, during the late 60’s n 70’s n 80’s we had bikes like Jawa, Yezdi 250 / 350, Bullet, Rajdooth 175 and Rajdooth 350. All these bikes had over 250cc engine capacity except for the Rajdooth 175cc model but the irony was that we didn’t have enough good roads to use their full potential.

Today, we have ring roads and express highways but none of these good old bikes are available to ride on. Sad to say that our country is still stuck at the 100cc, 125 and 150cc category. Pulsar and Karisma have taken a bold step and gone ahead to launch 180 and 225cc bikes. Royal Enfield / Bullet is the only age old model still in existence with its heavy duty 350 and the occasional 500 cc versions.

Even bikes like the Bullet which has survived the test of time has not thought of manufacturing a twin cylinder bike. WHY?? Is it less fuel efficient?? Maybe, but then who cares when u’r getting the pleasure of riding on one of those beasts….

So my wait continues for the first Indian twin cylinder to be launched since I can’t afford to own an imported bike yet.