A day at Ferrari World, Abu dhabi


Artistic impression of Ferrari World. Pic courtesy Lamadubai

If you are a Ferrari fan like me, then Ferrari World is like Disney Land for you.

This massive enclosed wonderland is the largest indoor and Ferrari’s first theme park in the world and also boasts of the fastest roller coaster in the world – Formula Rossa.

A good half a  day is necessary to cover all the stalls, experience different rides (including the fastest coaster reaching speeds of upto 240kmph and pulling 4.8 Gs) and drool over some of the most technically advanced machines every built. Entry fee varies from AED 250 t0 AED 500 but is well worth it. You can buy your tickets online here.

Here are some pictures to help you visualize better. You can also visit our Facebook page for more – Ferrari World, Abu Dhab

A visit to BMW Museum in Munich, Germany

If you are a fan of German automobiles, then a visit to the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart or the BMW Museum in Munich is a must.

During our visit to Germany back in 2015, we made it a point to visit Munich and spend half a day at the BMW Museum which is located at Olympiapark not too far from the city centre. The museum is an ode to the beautiful and powerful machines built by Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works.

Here is a photo feature of some of their masterpieces. For the entire set of images, do visit our Facebook page (Moto Adda) – BMW Museum Images on Facebook

BMW Welt / Museum, Munich, Germany
R7 Prototype, 1934
Twin cylinder 800 cc, 35bhp with top speed of 145kmph
R 39, 1925
BMW 328 Racing Saloon, 1939
2000 cc inline 6 cylinder, 136 ps with top speed of 230 kmph
BMW launches over the years
BMW 3.0 CS, 1971
BMW i5 ion Concept
Isetta, 1955
Also known as the Bubble car, has only one door at the front with a folding stearing
M1 Homage (Right)
BMW 3, 1930, 15 ps
R5, 1936
500cc twin cylinder, 24 bhp with top speed of 140 kmph
BMW R50/2, low compression 500cc boxer engine
BMW 335, 1939. 3485cc inline 6