My first vintage car – 1948 Morris 8

Vintage cars have always been around either gathering dust in a godown or being cherished by their owners. But not matter their condition,  they truly stand up to the popular saying ‘Old is Gold’.

My fascination for these old beauties stated during my last year of graduation and was lucky to own a Morris 8 which was a 1948 model black and green car. I had just started my management course and this car became the talk of my entire class including the faculty.

Still remember the vintage rallies that I used to attend along with my friends who also owned few rare classics like the Hindustan and the two door Morris Minor. The attention that our cars received were beyond mention and the feeling of driving them along with some rare cars such as the six cylinder Chevrolet and the 12 cylinder Rolls Royce was unbelievable.

I do miss that beautiful yet simple machine and the memories we had with the car. Hope to acquire it back some day.