Product Review: OKS Chain Lube for bikes

Being our first product review, we were naturally thrilled about trying out the Oks Chain Lube that was sent to us a couple of weeks back. To really test the product, we decided to use it on our weekend ride up to Kolli hills.OKS Chain Lube Spray_01

A bit about OKS – Back in 1978, an engineering graduate Friedrich Kuhn-Weiss founded OmniKote Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH and developed high-performance lubricants. The name was later changed to OKS in 1981. Today, the brand owned by Freudenberg Group has a manufacturing unit in Mysore and is available across the country.OKS Chain Lube 2

Before our 650+ km ride, we took the bikes to the KTM service centre to tighten and lube the chains. To our surprise, we found the service centre also using an Oks chain lube. On the road, we began to notice the difference in reduced chain noise and increased smoothness be it on flat roads of Tamil Nadu or the steep hill climbs.


Hairpin bend en route to Kolli Hills

Having covered the local tourist spots, it was time for a check-up before our return journey. A quick clean up of the chain and lubrication using the Oks mini can ensured we had the same performance till we reached back home. The mini can retails at Rs 165 and the full sized can costs Rs 700.

To view the entire list of OKS offerings, try this link –

Why lubricating the chain is necessary? Earlier, bike chains were lubricated using grease which did the job of keeping the chains friction less. However, with the emergence of high power entry level bikes such as the KTM Duke, Honda CBR, Mahindra Mojo, Benelli TNT and the Yamaha R15 / R3, the pressure exerted on the chain and sprockets are immense and hence need to be taken care regularly. Modern chain cleaners and lubricant sprays do the job very well as they are engineered for such high stress usage. Service centers advice modern bike owners to get their chain tightened and lubricated every 500 kms. This ensures smooth riding and longevity of the parts.

So the next time you plan a ride over 500 kms, don’t forget to carry a chain lube spray along with your toolkit.