Tesla rewrites history with Model 3

A lot of you might have already heard about Tesla (Wiki link about Tesla) and the way it is revolutionizing the automotive sector, energy storage and space exploration. I personally believe that Elon Musk, its founder, will be regarded as the most revolutionary person of the 21st century.

Coming back to what we like most – cars, Tesla has already shown the world that electric cars need not be slow and run out of charge within 80 kms. All their models, the Roadster, Model X and Model S have gained widespread appreciation and disbelief from first time users. While these models are out of reach for the common man (even in the US), the company recently opened booking for its first mass production vehicle the Model 3 which is slated to be priced at $35,000.Tesla Model 3

Model 3 slated to launch in 2017 has already broken all expectations with over 3.25 lakh bookings of $1000 each. The total sales projection exceeds $14 billion which no other car manufactures has ever received. People stood in queue overnite outside Tesla showrooms to be the first to book this model (another first after the iPhone phenomenon). A few prominent figures in India have also gone ahead and booked their Model 3. You can be part of the action too by visiting this page. Do note that, Tesla is not sold in India but is expect to enter in 2017.Tesla Model 3 Glass roof

Why the fuss? Model 3 is a four door sedan which can seat 5 people, has storage both in the front and back (no engine remember), looks gorgeous, drives for about 346kms per charge and can do 0 to 100 km/h in less than six seconds and doesn’t burn any gas. What more do you want??

Watch the official unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 by founder Elon Musk

Vimeo Video of Model 3 launch

What really worked for Tesla?

Elon is this genius who has spent enough time and effort to develop state of the art lithium ion batteries that are compact yet, capable of managing tasks well beyond our comprehension. All this while keeping costs under check. The massive GigaFactory which is just up and running will help leverage economies of scale and drive costs further down. One of the reason Tesla was able to achieve the $35,000 price tag for Model 3.

All eyes are now towards the 2017 launch and other surprises that Tesla might throw at us in the months to come.

Tata Motors creates history with 360 records

Tata Bolt and its team posing after the record breaking attempt

Tata Bolt and the entre team posing after the record breaking attempt

Last week, Tata Motors set 360 records of various sorts at a closed 4.2 km long NCAT high speed test track in Ahmednagar. The only Indian car brand to do so in a short span of 18 days. One might wonder what drove them to achieve such a feat. Well, we have a couple of theories for you;

  1. Since Tata motors entered the passenger car segment, they have kinda struggled to get a strong foot hold in the market. Their launch of Manza was a step towards changing the customer mindset and offer premium / refined products at great value. However, their latest set of products, the Zest sedan, Bolt hatchback and the newly launched Tiago are much more refined and are helping the brand change its legacy as a mass carrier.
  2. Tata Motors have essentially been stuck in the value segment and a few of their product positioning strategies have backfired (Ex: Nano, a brilliant product but was poorly positioned as the cheapest car or most of the company’s adds position their brands as VFM)

Now, with the JLR acquisition fully integrated into the Tata fold, the Indian conglomerate is keen to bring some of Jaguar Land Rover’s best practices and design aesthetics to its Indian product portfolio. The Tiago and the soon to be launched Hexa have greatly benefited from the new design language. The company is also making a conscious effort to correct its shortcomings and bring out world class products that are completely Made in India.

All four Tata cars on the 4.2 km oval track

All four Tata cars on the 4.2 km oval track

This marathon event with four stock production cars running constantly for 18 days in a #GearedForGreat Challenge achieved multiple record-breaking distances culminating at 50,000 km each with an average speed of around 120 kmph. A team of 60 drivers took turns to keep the cars running with regular stopovers for quick service, oil and tyre changes.press-01apr16-05-highres

All four cars cars started their endurance run on the 14th of March breaking all existing records for 24 hours with the Tata Bolt storming through to a new Indian mark of 3161 km at an average speed of 131.7km/h. From here on it was all about setting new benchmarks on the tough 4.2 km high-speed circuit with all four corners featuring steeply banked curves of varying degrees. Despite the extreme stress, the new engines – The Revotron 1.2T, the Revotron 1.2L and the Revotorq 1.05L held up magnificently over the entire record distance without any deterioration in performance.press-01apr16-08-highres

An individual normally covers a distance of 50,000 km, in 3-4 years under normal driving conditions in India and it is almost impossible for an average consumer to consistently achieve average speeds beyond 130km/h for a serious length of time. All these cars have proved that the new generation of Tata products are not only aesthetically pleasing but seriously durable.

All four cars posing after achieving the 50k mark

All four cars posing after achieving the 50k mark

This grid below shows the time taken by each of the cars to achieve the 50,000 kms milestone. Kudos to Tata for this massive feat. #GearedForGreat

Cars Completion Time
 Zest 408hrs 50min 26.688sec
Tiago 414hrs 59min 20.995sec
Bolt 429hrs 53min 29.400sec
Tiago 418hrs 51min 26.801sec