My First Bike – 1970 Jawa 250cc

My first blog is dedicated to my first bike Obiju and my father

This is what started my passion for automobiles and I’m glad that this bike is still shining in my parking lot. I’m talking about my the Czechoslovakian Jawa made in Mysore by the Ideal Jawa Company between 1960 and 1996.

This black beauty belonged to my father who used it since the 70s and was quite popular in the town of Dharwad for its distinct thumping sound. I would get to share his ride sitting on the petrol tank.
When I turned 14, I was very keen to ride this. All my father said was, ‘start the bike and I’ll teach u how to ride it’. And the rest is history. Not to forget all the bruises I suffered while experimenting with this mild beast 🙂

Slowly but surely I started falling in love with this machine even though it sported a meager 12 horses. This bike has never let me down and I even managed a rally on it. Ended up spending a lot of time and money to bring it back into its original shape though.
Even after all these years and having used many new bikes, my liking towards this machine never goes down. This prompted a few of us to start the Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club to help other restore their bikes. Even to this day, when I bring this out for a occasional ride, people look at the bike and ask a whole lot of questions.

Update: Since writing this post, i’ve managed to acquire two more lovely bikes from the Jawa stable – a Yezdi Roadking on which we completed the Leh ride (click here to read all about it) and a rare Jawa 350cc twin (one of the 750 bikes produced in India).

Jawa 350cc Twin, 22 bhp

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